How to get more energy with carnitine

Acetyl l-carnitine is an amino-acid, naturally occurring in the human body.

Carnitine is a substance capable to improve cognitive functions, mood and energy-levels.

For info about the biochemical structure of carnitine read this Wiki page.


Get smarter and have more energy with natural l-carnitine.

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services shows that consumption of  250mg of carnitine 3x a day has a positive effect on fatigue.

According to this clinical study in Greece, the level of red blood cells rose significant with people who suffered from anaemia and a kidney disease while on carnitine supplementation. After 3 months not only the number of red blood cells increased, maybe more stunning was that also the amount of deformed cells decreased.

L-carnitine supplementation makes the elderly feel less tired both mentally as physically, showed this study.


Improve mood with l-carntine.

(Acetyl) l-carnitine works like a natural anti-depressant, suggests a study done by researchers in Canada.

Another study in co-operation with patients who suffer from fibromyalgia, the participants also reported anti-depressant effects when supplemented with l-carnitine.


Studies on how l-carnitine improves cognition.

Carnitine has a neuroprotective effect according to a study done by the University of Toronto, department of Medical Science.

Carnitine-levels slowly decrease in Alzheimer patients. This study suggests that Alzheimer patients who increase their carnitine-levels by using supplements possibly get better. Fact is that acetyl-l-carnitine slows down Alzheimer disease. Carnitine can extend the life-span of braincells by slowing down the disease according to a study in Italy by the Geriatric Research Group.

This is because when l-carntine is consumed, the body produces acetylcholine and this has a nootropic effect. People who suffer from memory loss, usually have low levels of acetyl-choline.


Conclusion on l-carnitine, cognition and mood.

(Acetyl)-carnitine is an effective precursor for acetyl-choline. Choline is a neuroprotective neurotransmitter.

Carnitine supplementation ends up extending braincell life-spans and is being used as a mood-stabilisator. Carnitine is a natural nootropic agent and serves as an ingredient in this natural nootropic Omnimind.

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