Zinc won’t give you superhuman brains when consumed a lot unless you are a child maybe. But do some more research on that before you start feeding your child with lots of zinc.

Here are some zinc facts about children consuming zinc and its relation with cognition:

When consumed by children zinc seems to give superior results when it comes down to neuropsychological performance.

Cognitive abilities in children improved according these (12) studies and the attention-span was prolonged remarkably.

Infants improve motoric and mental development when they consume zinc. (studies 1,2,3).

Here are some studies about Alzheimer and zinc:

In mammals affected by Alzheimer, zinc seems to improve mitochondrial functions and zinc improves the hippocampus according to this study.

Alzheimer patients get zinc-therapy because it lowers copper blood levels which otherwise might be toxic for the brian (sources 1,2,3).

The cognitive effect of zinc on stroke damage and its neuroprotectiveness:

Zinc supplements can repair stroke damage when it comes down to cognition (Source).

Last but not least: A lot of studies show that normal levels of zinc work neuroprotective (Sources & studies 1,2,3,4,5,6).

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